11 Box Braid Hairstyles

In this video, Youtuber Kyla Laird presents perhaps the most quintessential how to guide for immaculate looking box braids, complete with 11 different variations for you to try out. This is perfect to keep handy for those of you that love changing up your appearance from time to time. Every step of each style is laid out in full, and you’ll even receive tips for preparing and maintaining your hair to make sure it always looks as good as possible. From the products you need to the exact methods of arranging your hair in different ways, everything is covered.

Great looking hair is often about attention to detail. While you can take a general approach and get something half way decent, anything that’s even the slightest bit out of place will always hold you back from looking your best and truly wowing passers by. Laird’s box braid guide starts off by showing exactly how to clean up the edges of your finer hair with argan oil and careful brushing. The use of argan oil in particular is a great tip since it leaves considerably less build up than the more commonly used olive oil.

From there, the meat of the video begins as each of the 11 different box braid styles are carefully laid out. Thanks to the fantastic lighting and great framing, you get a great glimpse of how to achieve every look presented. From switching between middle and side parts, twisting different amounts of your braids, wearing varying degrees of the hair in back or the sides in a ponytail, wearing it up or in a bun, and more advanced methods such as detailed fish tail braiding, this guide shows just how many different looks you can achieve with your box braids.

Perhaps the only downside to the video is that despite all of the detail, it is only a little over 6 minutes in length. The basic idea of each style is well narrated, and you see exactly how to pull everything off, but the footage had to be sped up in order to fit the shorter running time. While Youtube’s variable speed options can help you out if you want to slow the video down a bit, this does mean you’ll be stopping the video quite a lot if you want to mirror any given styles perfectly.

That said, you’re almost sure to come up with tons of your own ideas after watching this. With all of the variety presented, you’ll begin to formulate more personalized variations of all of these box braid styles. In the end, you’ll have quite a repertoire of amazing looks to revisit any time you feel it’s time to try something a bit new with your hair. Overall, this is a very well crafted video and guide. If you’ve been feeling at a loss for what you can do to liven up your hairstyle a bit, this should be more than enough to seriously liven things up.

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