“My” Hair Care For Braids: Info & Products

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Products Mentioned:
V05 Shampoo & Conditioner- Moisture Milk of any scent
Organic Root Stimulator Herbal Cleanse Dry Shampoo
Organic Root Stimulator Hair Repair Nourishing Conditioner
Aphogee Leave in Conditioner
Vegetable Glycerin Oil
Hairobics All Natural Oil
Elasta QP Design Silk Therma Spray
Tancho Wax Stick

I usually keep my braids in 3-4 months total..But i usually transition into a new set half way through. After initial set, I wait about 3 weeks to redo my outer perimeter… & then i wait 3 weeks, from that date, to redo my middle.. that’s a total of 9 weeks before redoing the middle from initial time; It’s a brand new set basically after 9 weeks. a little over 2 months… then.. you can wait 1-3 more weeks to redo your outer perimeter (5-6 rows around your entire head).. redoing the middle of your hair is optional the second time. I usually don’t redo the middle the second time because i take it out after 3-4 months. This is just my way of keeping my braids in for a longer time period, without damaging my hair and being able to care for it properly. I hope this helps and is easy to understand. Let me know if you still need guidance.

Hair- Small Individual Braids. Used Synthetic Black & Gold Hair

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