The Best Conditioner for Dry African-American Hair

Choosing a conditioner for dry hair requires you to look at a few key things. Learn about the best conditioner for dry African-American hair with help from a hair professional in this free video clip.

Expert: Darico Jackson
Bio: Darico Jackson has worked in cosmetology and esthetics for 23 years, as a grooming editor for American Gentlemen Magazine, and on the development team for the Mizani brand.
Filmmaker: Richard Benton

Series Description: Styling your hair should never be the most difficult or stressful thing you try to accomplish in a day. Find out how to style African-American hair with help from a hair professional in this free video series.


According to black hair talk the best type of conditioner that is best suited for a person with dark hair is the conditioner that enables the hair to retain its moisture for the longest period of time. Most of the ladies with black hair use poor conditioners which their hair to end up being very dry. Note that by the use of perfect black hair conditioners they stimulate the follicles in your scalp thus enabling the cells there to keep on growing. This ensures that there is provision of adequate moisture at all times for your hair.

Most of the hair conditioners that are considered to be perfect for people with black hair are those which are ultra hydrating and ensure that the hair remains silky and soft. It is also important to take note of the conditioner that you are using to ensure that they have less chemical components as compared to the natural ones. The black hair is mostly compatible with natural components. It is amazing how your hair will completely change once you start using the right hair conditioner. Ensure that the conditioner you use for your hair has many botanical components. If you are not really sure about these components then you can ask a cosmetics expert to advice you on the same.

The reason as to why it is important to note the chemical components of your conditioner before using it is because some of them are clearly indicated that they are fit for use for persons with chemically treated hair. Ensure that you take some time to go through the label of your conditioner so that you do not end up with wrong product.

It is also important to note that having a good conditioner is only one part of ensuring that your black hair remains healthy. There are several other factors that you should consider in doing the same.



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