(Day 16) How To Make a Leave In Conditioner For Natural Hair

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In this video we will learn how to make a leave in conditioner and an oil mixture for your hair. .

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Watch My Natural Hair Routine:

(Step 1) Pre-Poo http://youtu.be/oficNBH-RUM

(Step 2) Washing http://youtu.be/QZQ1r938t0c

(Step 3) Detangling http://youtu.be/DQu2Ty8jZuI

(Step 4) Styling http://youtu.be/K8npke45ml0

How to make liquid black soap http://youtu.be/qLrJb1AtDtA

More Information:

1) Before you apply a leave in conditioner, the first thing to consider is whether you should use a protein leave-in or a moisturizing leave-in based on what your hair needs at the time and how it feels.
– If your hair feels too soft or feels weak you should use a protein leave in conditioner for strength.
– If your hair feels rough or too stiff then you should use a moisturizing conditioner to soften and smoothen it.
– If you are not sure of what your hair needs then it is better to cautious and use a moisturizing leave-in because black hair tends to lean towards being dry.
2) It is okay if you use a little bit of both your moisturizing and protein leave-in conditioner after a wash.
3) Squeeze out excess water before applying the leave-in conditioner.
4) Apply the leave-in conditioner to hair whilst it is damp, don’t let it get completely dry before you apply your leave in.
5) Apply the leave-in conditioner in sections to ensure even coverage from root to tip.
6) Focus on the ends of your hair. The leave-in conditioner should be applied to your hair from root to tip however ensure that the tips or ends get a good share of the product. The ends are the oldest and weakest part of the hair and needs the support of the product the most.
7) Do not apply too much product as this can weigh down the hair. It is better to use too little and then add more products later if necessary.
8) As mentioned above, some leave-in conditioners can also be used as daily moisturizers.


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