How To Grow Long Hair By Preventing Hair Damage with African American Hair

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Are you experiencing damaged hair? When hair products fail, what’s next? Your hair growth seems to be so far away especially when you don’t really know how to care for your hair. Before you take the hair cutting scissors or the barber buzzard clippers and end it all, wait! We can pin point the exact reason or reasons why your hair products or hair treatments aren’t working.

You WILL be able to regrow hair back to how it needs to be with equipping yourself with a little bit of hair knowledge. Stop chasing product after product until you finally understand what ingredients in the products you really need to stop hairloss and hair damage. Revealed below are eight reasons why you are experiencing damaged hair.

Damaged Black Hair Hairloss Reason #1 Relaxers, Hair Coloring, Improper Styling Tools, Rough Handling

All of the reasons listed above comes from a lack of knowledge. First, let’s address relaxing African American hair because there are some important dos and donts.

Protein and Deep Condition Treatments after every chemical relaxer hair treatment (even for root touch-ups)
Keep hair moisturized when it feels dry and protein treatments when it feels slightly gummy or stretchy
Use natural ingredient products (shampoo, conditioner, protein treatments, deep conditioning treatments)

Over process! Do not apply chemical relaxer to already relaxed hair
Sleep without silk protection (a silk scarf, pillowcase, or bonnet)
No petroleum/petrolatum or regular use of sulfates

When coloring your hair always follow up with a protein and deep conditioning treatment as well.
When it comes to styling tools and hair handling, you want only minimum manipulation on your hair strands. Use wide tooth combs, snag-less accessories, and moisture when manipulating your hair. Also when you are handling your hair, no matter how long dangling takes, gentleness is required!

Damaged Black Hair Hairloss Reason #2 Mineral Buildup In Your Hard Water

Depending on where you may stay in the world, there may be a build of of mineral products in your water because you have hard water. Mineral deposits from hard water such as sulfur, calcium, and some metals, sit on our hair. This weighs your hair down and causes your hair to look dry, feel dry, be dry! My best suggestion is to use baby water (distilled water) to wash your hair or invest in a water filter. Maybe even one that can adjust to your shower head. But, if you cant afford to make these purchases, its time to starting incorporating a deep cleansing (clarifying or chelating) shampoo into your hair regiment.

When I have mineral buildup in my hair I like to use Organic Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo. It gets the job done every single time.

Damaged Black Hair Hairloss Reason #3 Using Sulfate Rich Shampoo Regularly

Please check your hair shampoo to make sure that it isn’t full of sulfates or anything else that may end in “ate” or “ates”. It is literally “eating” away at your precious hair as you robs you out of what your hair needs are with every wash. Using shampoos with sulfates in them are to harsh an unnecessary for African american hair since they strip away natural oils to the point of dryness and eventually hair damage. Use gentle shampoos like the hair shampoos recommended below.

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