How to get curls for Black Men W/ Dry Hair (L.O.C. Method)

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What you’ll need:
Spray Bottle
Afro Pick
Hawaiian Silky
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Cantu Shea butter Curl Activator cream

L.O.C. Method (Liquid. Oil. Cream.)

1. A water based moisturizer and it will always have water as its first ingredient (Ex. Hawaiian silky and Moroccan Argan oil by Hawaiian silky)
2. Oil-
A moisturizer that is purely oil I would recommend that you use olive oil but Argan oil and other oils will work as well.
3. Cream-
Using a cream moisturizer that has creamy consistency to it this is very important to the process because it will lock the moisture in your hair and keep it there (Ex. Cantu Shea butter for natural hair will work well and other curling creams).
1. Pick your hair out with any pick or comb and use a spray bottle if you need to.
2. Separate your hair into 4 sections and add all (3) moisturizers in to each section
3. (You will need somebody for this step if you can’t braid your own hair or if it’s to short like mine). Braid each section; for this my sister did a reverse braid, but we’ve done a french braid also but essentially any kind of braid will work.
4. After everything is braided apply Olive Oil to your hair by patting it in so you don’t mess up the braids.
5. Put on a Satin wrap overnight
6. Undo all the braids in the morning and apply your cream moisturizer (Cantu Shea Butter Curl Activating Cream), and shape your hair how you want to.
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