Bantu Knots With Thread on 4c Natural Hair: Heat vs. No Heat

Bantu Knots With Thread on 4c Natural Hair: Heat vs. No Heat

Hi everyone. Here’s a tutorial on how to do bantu knots with thread on freshly washed natural hair. I did the African hair threading technique to stretch my hair, then wrapped my hair with bantu knots. Here are a couple of videos that will help you with hair washing or African hair threading.

1. Especially hair Moisture Foundation:
2. Weaving Thread:

I used my especially hair moisture foudation to style my bantu knots. First, I started on hair that was freshly washed and almost completely dry. Grab a section of your hair. You can do any size, just make sure they all look the same. Wrap your hair with high strength weaving thread. I got mine from my beauty supply store, but you can purchase online from Sally beauty which is where I buy mine. Wrap the hair section in a circular motion, starting at the scalp. Each turn should go under the last.

Once you do a whole head, go ahead and air dry fro 12-48 hours. Remove the bantu knots, remove the thread and release your curls.
The comparison between straight vs kinky hair starts at 1:35.
I like to style my hair in buns, so that’s what I did, but you can do whatever you wish. That’s all there is to it and thank you for watching and supporting my channel. The especially hair moisture foundation is super hydrating and I’ll tell you all about it later.

1. How I washed my hair:
2. African Hair Threading Tutorial:

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The complying with web pages will definitely walk you by means of getting dreadlocks the DreadHeadHQ technique. It‘s crucial to recognize that dreadlocks are actually certainly not a one dimension accommodates all kind-of-thing. The approaches I make use of and also show on this internet site will definitely allow you making strict hates of any sort of shapes and size, however I desire to let you understand that these are actually not the only procedures that exist … they are simply the very best I’ve located. There are bunches of various other suggestions regarding exactly how hates need to be actually increased … in reality, what constitutes “really good appearing” dreads differs coming from team to team. I do not have the tendency to have sides – I do not think that’s my place to, and also I think everybody is entitled to their personal inclination.

The focus this website is actually in order to help you accomplish whatever sort of hates you really want. I am actually presuming you possess some tip from just what you would certainly like your dreads to resemble -dimension, form and so on. I’ll offer you the resources as well as you can easily use them to make your work of art. There are actually those that select certainly not to participate – they permit their hair carry out whatever this really wants as opposed to being actually component from the process. Obviously you possess that possibility too. I cannot anticipate the results you’ll get, yet I understand that if your principal priority is that your hates develop (or somewhat kind) on their own, without aid coming from you, after that you’re essentially confined to only hanging around … I presumed it was actually required to produce a blog post along with a little bit from information that might be essential for you before you start. If you’re on the fence, this need to aid you choose.

Dreadlocks, initially, could be a ton of job. They’re visiting perform just what they really want to perform and also if you try as well as fight all of them, well … excellent luck with that said. I’ll specify – every set of dreadlocks is actually other, you could obtain dreadlocks, yet you could not get dreadlocks identical to an artists, celebs or even friends set. That‘s only not achievable. Everyone has actually various coloured hair, other density, curly, straight etc and so on. You have some control over just how fat they’re mosting likely to come to be if you start with a procedure other compared to the forget procedure. (If you go forget at that point the only trait you can possibly do as for shaping all of them is actually ripping the fibers apart to stop substantial dreads forming). Thus, you understand you do not have as a lot management over all of them as ‘typical’ hairdos, as they’re visiting latch and also increase nonetheless gravitational force as well as several frictions regard as proper.

Benefits: Hair seems like fears the exact same time and reaches maturation quicker than various other strategies. You can handle the shapes and size from the dreads, anywhere off thick as well as hassle-free to slim as well as sexy. It is actually a 100% natural procedure. Backcombing will definitely work with all hair spans 3″ as well as longer.
Negative aspects: The preliminary fearing has a handful of hours and also is actually quite work intense, nothing a good friend or more can’t handle. The greatest method to support comb is actually to take your time as well as make the hates as hassle-free and also limited as achievable.
Very first part the hair in to squares. Square areas make round hates. In between 1″ and 2″ squares functions properly for the majority of individuals. Smaller areas make thinner hates. The areas may be protected temporarily along with rubberbands. After the hair is actually sectioned use a fear comb to brush the hair back. Beginning near to the scalp, not over an in out. Brush frequently to the scalp. Inevitably hair will start to stuff up at the origins. It is actually certainly not essential to twist the hair. It is actually practical having said that to spin the hair you are actually keeping in between your hands a little bit of while you are actually backcombing. Continue backcombing, little by little functioning to the ends of the hair, making the apprehension as strict as possible as you go. When you get to completions you may secure the fear with a rubberband. One more rubberband on the roots will certainly aid the hate keep tight at its bottom. The rubberbands may be gotten rid of after the hate possesses an odds to mature. After the rubberbands are applied to each dread the fears ought to be actually polished with a hate wax that carries out not have petroleum. A really good hate wax will certainly tame loosened hairs and help the hair hate a lot faster.

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