How To Go Swimming With Black / African American Natural Hair

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You can now take the fuss out of swimming with your hair whether your hair is natural or chemically relaxed. Women should have the freedom to swim no matter what type of hair they have. I have countless memories of my peers in middle school and high school who were afraid to go swimming because of what would happen to their hair! My classmates would honestly rather take an F (or and E) in gym class over swimming for about 40 minutes. Of course I was among the young ladies who hung their heads low because we knew that were going to have to make up class credits for refusing to swim. Your hair should NEVER stop you from progressing or being the best you can be in your life! EVER!

I will help you understand what to do with your hair and how to treat your hair before and after you have fun swimming. Please don’t let your hair control you, it’s DEAD for crying out loud! Let me help you make your time swimming less focused on your hair and more focused on fun and enjoyment 😀

Swimming With African American Hair Tips Step #1 Wet Your Hair Before Swimming

THOROUGHLY saturate your hair with water. You can take a water shower to wet your hair and body before you leave home or just wet your hair at the shower stand near the pool or beach. If your hair is chemically relaxed or natural, you want to make sure that your hair are in braids or twists before you wet your hair because free flowing hair tangles very easily.

Swimming With African American Hair Tips Step #2 Wear A Swimming Cap

Now that your hair is braided/twisted and saturated with water, you can go swimming! By making sure that your hair is already dripping wet with regular water, it doesn’t allow much chlorinated water to be absorbed by your strands. Chlorine can be heavy and damaging on you hair so allowing your hair to soak up regular water prevents the chlorine from damaging your hair. You could even take this a step further after you rinse your hair with water by also wearing a swimming cap. You don’t have to but its a great option, the downside is that the cap can cause tension on your hair line and you don’t want to cause uncomfortable tension on your hair so just go without it if you want.

Swimming With African American Hair Tips Step #3 Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

After you finish swimming, next is to give your hair a really good rinse. This will wash off most of the chlorine off your hair before applying hair products. Make sure to use a swimmers shampoo (chelating shampoo) to wash your hair. A swimmers shampoo is perfect for swim hair because that’s what its designed for! A swimmers shampoo will give you a great wash while at the same time, removing chlorine from your hair. Here are a collection of chelating shampoos that may interest you…

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