Natural Hair | Moisturize and Seal African American Hair

Hi subbies and friends,

I am showing you how I moisturize and seal my natural hair. The best time to moisturize and seal your natural hair is right after you wash it.

When the hair is clean, it can receive the helpful ingredients within your conditioners and moisturizers.


(((( Order of applying hair moisturizers ))))

I have heard of several ways to apply hair products so that they moisturize and protect natural hair. Here they are:

LOC Method (liquid (water), oil, conditioner)
LCO Method (liquid (water), conditioner, oil)
LOCO Method (liquid (water), oil (light), conditioner, oil (thicker))

The main point of applying hair products a certain way is to create a barrier on the hair strand that prevents the water within your hair from evaporating into the air.

Most people start the miniaturization process with water. However, there are times when I have started with lubricating my fine hair strands with a light oil, such as olive oil or grapeseed oil.


(((( Figure out which hair products are your staples ))))

I try to use the same hair products when I want my hair soft and shiny. It is nothing like having reliable hair products that I know will leave my hair soft, flexible and protected.

Hair Products
-water bottle w. apple cider vinegar & water
-Africa’s Best Herbal Oil
-Raw Shea Butter
-Beauty Without Cruelty Leave-in Conditioner