African American Hair Texture and Thermal Reconditioning
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Victoria is getting a Thermal Reconditioning retouch at Hair’s Talent by Gina Rivera.It has been 8 months since her last treatment and as you can see she has not experienced any breakage with her TR. Victoria has never had a sodium hydroxide relaxer. If you have any questions regarding Thermal reconditioning go to

Victoria F. 8 months ago
So first off I am the girl in this video I am now 15, in the video I was 9 turning 10years old. Second, my hair was awesome than and still is now and I love my hair! I am African American and has recently stopped doing the treatment because I like my curls and often wear my curls to school. The treatment was great and after a year, my hair would grow out to be it natural self. Gina is very nice and wouldn’t disrespect anyone. We have known her for a very long time and she is very good with hair. To this day I still go there to get my hair blow-dried. Also don’t say poor baby or feel sorry for me or my hair because 1. my hair is fine, I’m not bald I still have A LOT of hair and it is really thick 2. I wanted to do it because my hair was just too much to handle.
So in all I really appreciated the Japanese hair straightening treatment. 😀