How to Apply Perm Relaxer/Vitale Relaxer, Promoting Healthy Relaxed Hair
Your hair will be left stronger and healthier with less chance of breakage and split ends. The infusion of olive oil , anti-breakage formula with shea butter and coconut nourish the hair from root to tip and strengthen the hair follicle.

Tips for applying to new growth only;

# 1 ALWAYS research the best Vitale Relaxer for your hair texture

I would recommend using Vitale sensitive scalp relaxer for thin, and normal hair and Vitale Regular for course hair

#2 NEVER, NEVER, NEVER , comb, scratch or disturb the scalp or edges of hair before relaxing, this will cause severe burning before you can apply to entire head.

#3 Use protective gloves to apply relaxer, base hairline with Vaseline and use a rat tail comb to section hair and apply chemical to new growth

#4Rinse chemical out for at least 5mins before applying neutralizing shampoo. follow with a second wash of a conditioning shampoo, rinse and apply conditioner from roots to ends. rinse. blow dry or sit under hair dryer and style.