Japanese Hair Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning

Japanese Hair Straightening/Thermal Reconditioning on tightly coiled, ethnic hair using Rusk Shiny Str8.
Flatiron for processing purposes: Rusk CTC str8
Marcel Irons for finishing work: www.milstan.com
Beyond appearance hair by Shenise
Sassy Salon
Yuba City, California

Newest video with more Thermal Reconditioning “TR” Clients A.k.a Japanese hair straightening

Do you have naturally curly, wavy or tightly coiled hair that you only wear straight or straight and then styled curly with a curling iron or other manual curling method?

Are you tired of spending 1-3 hours or more blow drying and flat ironing your hair?

Are you looking for a PERMANENT CHEMICAL STRAIGHTENER that is similar in permanence to but an alternative to traditional damaging and drying Relaxers?

If yes, then Thermal Reconditioning A.K.A Japanese Hair Straightening may be for you!!

This is NOT a Keratin smoothing treatment so if you want to just tame frizz, make your hair shiny and/or you want your curls back in a month or two then this treatment is NOT for you!! (See my Pravana Perfection smoothout treatment video coming soon if that is more your style)

If you already have a Sodium Hydroxide relaxer (Lye) or Calcium Hydroxide relaxer (No Lye) this may NOT be for you! (But we may be able to transition you into this in the future!! :)

If you want silky, bone straight hair PERMANENTLY until your natural outgrowth comes in (4-6 months, then you would come in for a re-touch) without most of the “issues” of a traditional relaxer, then this may be for you! (When done by a professional knowledgeable in this process on healthy hair)

Please Note: This is a professional PERMANENT CHEMICAL STRAIGHTENING PROCESS using the base ingredient THIO and is intended for licensed cosmetologists who are familiar with working on multiple textures of hair as well as with chemicals that permanently alter the internal structure of hair! Please don’t try this at home and please seek the above when looking for a stylist to potentially do this for you! I truly honor and advocate natural hair but if you do decide to go permanent, in most cases, this is the way to go!! feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments!! I will do my best to answer them all!
Over 15 years professional and licensed experience!
Thank you!!
Your Beyond Appearance Hair Care Specialist
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(Sorry about the crappy video footage!! This is my first video and we didn’t plan to record the process beforehand, just kinda decided on the fly and whipped my phone out!! Better footage to come in the future!)