Relax your hair at home, the RIGHT way!

Relax your hair at home, the RIGHT way!

For more info, check out my blog post on this video:

Putting chemicals on your hair can be a scary thing, trust me, I know. BUT it’s not so scary if someone shows you how to do it safely, correctly, AND effectively (Who cares about “correct” if you don’t get good results?!?) I’ll walk you through, step by step by baby step, and soon you’ll be relaxing your hair at home like a pro! I know it’s a longgggg video, but chemicals on your head is no joke, and I didn’t include anything that isn’t very important information.

Before you watch this, be sure to check out my Tips & tricks video first:

There, I go over every single thing I used, and give you a couple of helpful hints that will make your experience so much easier and less stressful! Also, you can see what my hair looks like after I’ve relaxed and blowdried it.

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