✄ How to cut your own hair ✄ Trim split ends ✄

Hi guys! I’ve already shown you HOW TO TRIM SPLIT ENDS by yourself in http://youtu.be/CzsdsHJ7xoQ and I was super happy to find out how great it worked for so many of you :)) Today I’ll show you a trick to cut your hair when it’s more than just 1 inch (2 cm) that you want to cut at one go. I’ll be using a ponytail technique to make sure that the hair is trimmed evenly. Initially, it will be V shaped with the shortest strands in the middle, so I’ll even out the sides using the shortest strands as a guide :) If you’re new to cutting your own hair, I recommend that I you start with the method from my previous video http://youtu.be/CzsdsHJ7xoQ and do not cut more than 0,5” (1cm) at a time till you get totally comfortable and 100% happy with your results. Then, if you’d like to cut more hair, you can move on to the technique from the current video. It creates a delicate blunt cut U-shape at back. If you’d like me to show how to feather out the ends and/or cut layers (it’s a different method), let me know in the comments down below!

Videos linked at the end:
✿ Exotic 5 STRAND BRAID http://youtu.be/rk8kzbkgrLQ
✿ 10 SUMMER HAIRSTYLES in Italy http://youtu.be/RU4db3VhYv4

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