Benny Harlem & his daughter Jaxyn’s incredibly long natural hair

Benny Harlem & his daughter Jaxyn’s incredibly long natural hair

Benny Harlem is an aspiring singer, songwriter, model and, most importantly, amazing dad. Benny and his 6-year-old daughter Jaxyn are gaining more and more attention due to their special bond and unique looks. This amazing dad shows a great example to his little girl of how to show confidence in everything you do and embrace your heritage. Benny says that his, as parent’s, job is to protect and grow his child. By showing so much attention and care he hopes that Jaxyn will grow up to be a confident and strong person.
Their beautiful father-daughter love is not the only thing that this duo shares – they both rock amazing hairdos. Little Jaxyn looks confident and happy in her own skin so you can’t deny that Benny is doing a great job being a role model.

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