Natural Hair Style For Little Girls

In this video, I show you how to achieve a simple and cute hair style for kids. The products used are from TM Hair Products. The Smooth thru Detangler to detangle and deep condition and Perfect Assist Styling Aid to style and moisturize it.

This is how her hair was detangled:
I separated her hair into small to medium sections to have some type of organization to the hair. The section size depends on your hair type and thickness
If her hair is really matted and tangled, split those sections into smaller sections. DON’T TRY TO PART THROUGH MATTED OR TANGLED HAIR. JUST GENTLY SEPARATE IT WITH YOUR HANDS.

Lightly mist the child’s hair with water to loosen it up and make the detangler penetrate easier and the tangles will be easier to remove.

If her hair tangles more at the root, squeeze smooth thru detangler on the root of the child hair and work it down to the ends.
ALWAYS work in a downward motion
ALWAYS start with a big/wide tooth comb when detangling.
Once you start to detangle ,ALWAYS start at the ends working your way up to the root.
Once you have completely detangled that section of hair twist/braid it to keep the hair from tangling again.