Hair Typing Chart – What is My Hair Type 3c 4a 4b 4c √ My Natural Hair Extensions

Hair Typing Chart – What is My Hair Type 3c 4a 4b 4c √ My Natural Hair Extensions

Most African American natural women will find that their hair will fall into 4 categories. The 4 hair categories consist of 4A, 4B & 4C natural hair.

Here at My Natural Hair Extensions we offer the top categories to match your natural hair texture. The 4A texture consist of small Curls, The 4B consist of tighter Curls.

However most women fall into 4C category, and it’s known for it’s tight ringlets. Each texture also comes in Clip In Hair Extensions, Wigs & Braiding bulk hair.

Be sure to visit our website for more information on all of our natural hair extensions. Ladies you can also use this video as your visual handy hair typing chart.

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We’ve gave gotten a lot of ladies asking us What is 4C Hair? What is 4B Hair & of course what is 4A? So we decided to make this quick little video to break down these natural hair textures.

Hair Textures Used In This Video !

Afro Kinky Extensions:

Kinky Curly Extensions:

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Hair Typing Chart – What is My Hair Type 3c 4a 4b 4c √ My Natural Hair Extensions

Hair Typing Chart – What is My Hair Type 3c 4a 4b 4c √ My Natural Hair Extensions

The complying with web pages will definitely stroll you by means of obtaining dreadlocks the DreadHeadHQ means. It is actually significant to comprehend that dreadlocks are certainly not a one size matches all kind-of-thing. The techniques I use as well as educate on this web site will definitely enable you to earn strict apprehensions from any kind of size and shape, however I wish to let you recognize that these are certainly not the only approaches that exist … they are actually simply the most effective I’ve discovered. There are considerable amounts of other suggestions concerning how dreads should be actually increased … in simple fact, what constitutes “really good appearing” dreads varies from team to team. I do not have the tendency to have sides – I don’t believe that’s my location to, as well as I presume every person is actually allowed to their own preference.

The concentration of the site is actually in order to help you achieve whatever form of dreads you really want. I‘m presuming you have some idea from just what you would certainly like your hates to seem like -measurements, design etc. I’ll offer you the resources as well as you may use them to produce your masterwork. There are actually those that decide on certainly not to get involved – they allow their hair carry out whatever that wants rather than being actually component from the process. Certainly you have that choice also. I can not predict the end results you’ll receive, yet I recognize that if your major priority is actually that your dreads develop (or even somewhat type) by themselves, without assistance coming from you, then you’re virtually restricted to only standing by … I assumed it was essential to generate a blog post with a bit from information that could be significant for you before you begin. If you’re on the fence, this need to assist you determine.

Dreadlocks, initially, could be actually a ton of work. They’re heading to do just what they wish to perform as well as if you try as well as battle all of them, effectively … great fortune along with that. I’ll elaborate – every set of dreadlocks is actually other, you may get dreadlocks, yet you may not acquire dreadlocks identical to a musicians, stars or pals specified. It is actually only certainly not achievable. Everyone has actually various coloured hair, different thickness, curly, direct etc and so on. You possess some command over just how body fat they’re heading to come to be if you start along with a method aside from the neglect strategy. (If you go overlook at that point the only point you can easily carry out as for shaping them is tearing the hairs apart to quit significant hates creating). So, you understand you don’t possess as a lot control over them as ‘typical’ hairdos, as they’re visiting latch and grow having said that gravity and a variety of abrasions deem proper.

Advantages: Hair seems like fears the very same day and gets to maturation quicker than other procedures. You can handle the shapes and size of the dreads, anywhere off thick and soft to slim and hot. This is actually a 100% natural approach. Backcombing will work with all hair durations 3″ and longer.
Disadvantages: The initial dreading has a handful of hrs and also is actually fairly effort extensive, nothing a good friend or more can not manage. The very best method to back comb is actually to take your opportunity and also make the apprehensions as smooth and strict as feasible.
Initial part the hair into squares. Square sections create round fears. Between 1″ and 2″ squares operates effectively for most people. Smaller sized segments make thinner dreads. The areas could be protected temporarily along with rubberbands. After the hair is sectioned use a dread comb to brush the hair backwards. Begin near the scalp, not greater than an inch out. Comb repeatedly towards the scalp. Ultimately hair will certainly begin to stuff up at the origins. That is actually not necessary to turn the hair. It is practical nonetheless to spin the hair you are holding in between your fingers a while you are backcombing. Continue backcombing, gradually operating towards the ends from the hair, making the apprehension as limited as achievable as you go. When you get to the ends you can easily secure the hate with a rubberband. Yet another rubberband on the origins will definitely assist the apprehension keep tight at its own foundation. The rubberbands may be taken out after the apprehension has an odds to mature. After the rubberbands are used to each apprehension the dreads need to be actually waxed along with an apprehension wax that performs certainly not contain petroleum. A good fear wax will tame loosened hairs and also help the hair apprehension much quicker.

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