How To: Natural Hair Sew-in Weave Start to Finish

How To: Natural Hair Sew-in Weave Start to Finish

Helloooooo, babes! I’m here to show you how I do my kinky curly sew-in weaves on my natural hair. I hope you enjoy this sew in weave tutorial!
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Welcome to my channel! I’m Jodian, and I share my creative ideas through TheBrilliantBeauty by uploading hair tutorials, makeup looks, and fashion videos. My hope is to inspire you to try something new and be confident in the process.

I looove crochet braids, but let’s get back to basics with a natural, traditional sew-in weave. I don’t do them often, so installing this hair was the perfect opportunity to show you guys a tutorial of how I do a sew in weave on my natural hair using kinky curly extensions. I wasn’t feeling well throughout the first half of the video, but at least you get to see the REAL – I was totally out of it and wasn’t even paying attention to the camera. I was just trying to get this hair in! #filmingproblems

Okay… so! A few things you should know:
I am not a professional hairstylist………………………yet
I didn’t cut the wefts unless necessary for the hair to lay flat
✔️I used the foldover method with the wefts in the back of my hair
I didn’t wash the hair beforehand, b/c I’m using a trusted BSS brand
✔️I need to re-dye my hair, so it can be an exact match #itwasstillcutethough
✔️Maintain this hair! Twist it up at night, do a pineapple, whatever is necessary. I used conditioner and water to detangle & define the curls every few days to keep the curls poppinnnn’
✔️I wore this hair for about 2 weeks.

Outre Purple Pack Baby Soft 14″ x 4

Weaving net (optional)
C needle
Hair thread
Towel or t-shirt for wet hair
Good conditioner for maintenance – my favorite right now is Aussie Moist

Creme of Nature Leave-In

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

As I Am Curling Jelly

EcoStyler Olive Oil Gel

My fave conditioner right now


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