Reniece’s Real Black Hair Showcase – Natural, Relaxed, 4a, 4b, 4c, No weave

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Hi everyone! I hope you like this video! I hadn’t done very much filming of my own hair lately. This video is a collection of hair footage of just a few of our clients who we’ve helped along in their hair journeys in one way or another.

I read all of your questions/comments/requests and this time I tried to put more information in the video itself. Some of you still may have questions so I’ll be answering most questions in the comments section – or I’ll add the answers to the info box.

Quick update on my hair:
I cut it to bra-strap length last year. Lately I’ve been wearing my own hair in a simple bun. I’ve also done flexi-rods sets, then pinned it into an updo (a new favorite). I’ve just been playing around with my natural texture more and it’s been fun. I recently tried a teal green color on the top section of my hair and I love it! Yes, teal :)

Thank you to our lovely clients who entrust us with their hair.

(Still updating this section…..)