This is Good Hair, Too: A Black Natural Hair Documentary

Compared to the hair textures of other ethnicities, black hair, particularly black female hair, has long been considered less attractive than other hair textures. Because of this, a vast majority of black women go to great lengths to change the texture of their hair. The common methods are perming and weaving which give the hair a straighter texture more similar to European, Asian, and other hair textures.

However, there has been a vocal minority of black women, especially in recent years, who have decided to fight back and show the world, and each other, that their hair is just as beautiful.

This short documentary briefly examines the social pressures surrounding black hair. Featuring accounts from a social activist, a sociology professor, as well as personal testimonies from four women who live this experience every day, the goal of this documentary is to not only change public perception regarding black hair but to spark a conversation, too…